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mycusini® 3D Chocolate printer for every kitchen

Set accents for any occasion with mycusini® 3D Choco from the chocolate printer.

Concerning the quality and the production speed of the choco objects, there is no difference between the mycusini® 3D food printer and a professional device for over € 2,000, and this at a fraction of the space required. The mycusini® fits into the smallest kitchen.

The mycusini® fun factor is based on very easy creation of text messages, free access to an extensive Choco template library and the simple and reliable operation of the 3D food printer.   

mycusini® 3D Praline fillings


The practical design allows precise dosing while filling the detailed hollow chocolate molds – no more spilling.

Always fresh 

Opened Praline fillings can only be kept for a few days. The size of 30 g each has proven itself accordingly – freshness guaranteed.

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Our FAQs provide answers to the most common questions.


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Chocolate from the printer!


More information, pictures and how it works can be found on the mycusini® info page.