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mycusini® Stainless Steel Cartridge – for daily use. Precise stainless steel tip, dishwasher safe


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    • The precisely machined dosing tip with a diameter of only 1 mm allows the production of particularly detailed 3D chocolate objects.
    • Robust & hygienic design, made of food-safe stainless steel
    • Suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher


mycusini® Stainless Steel Cartridge for daily use.

3D Choco Piri creation

mycusini® goes beyond the limits of manual work

Manual labor is a wonderful thing. However, there are also narrow limits. Then you need the “steady hand” of the mycusini® to create filigree and exact choco elements.

With a nozzle diameter of only 1 mm, the mycusini® Stainless Steel Cartridge makes exactly this possible.

Precision made of steel

Combined with the positioning accuracy of the mycusini®, the precisely machined mycusini® Stainless Steel Cartridge, which is shaped as a dosing tip, is unbeatable.

Included with every mycusini®.

Hygienic & robust design

Stainless steel has proven itself in every professional kitchen. A reason for us not to make any compromise.

Each mycusini® Stainless Steel Cartridge is made of solid stainless steel without gaps. As an excellent heat conductor, stainless steel also ensures the shortest possible preheating times for the mycusini® 3D Choco.

Passion meets efficiency

Passionate producers prepare a second cartridge with mycusini® 3D Choco. When the production with the first cartridge is finished, the second one can be used and production can continue immediately. Like changing tires at the Formula 1 pit stop, but faster.


The mycusini® package – how it works

Scope of delivery

Number Products
1 mycusini® Stainless Steel Cartridge

mycusini® Stainless Steel Cartridge – details

Length: 68,5 mm
Outer diameter: 22 mm
Nozzle diameter: 1 mm
Weight: 60 g 
Material: Food grade stainless steel

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