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mycusini® SD Card Reader USB with SD card – upload and download your 3D files


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  • The mycusini® SD Card gives you access to over 800 templates from our mycusini® template library. Comfortably organized by category.
  • Data transfer of your own files made easy – without installation and without IT knowledge.
  • Benefit from updates – we are constantly expanding the template library for you.

Access over 800 templates offline. Seperated into different categories like “Love”, “Animals” or “Christmas”.

Over 800 templates

The included mycusini® SD Card can be found next to the display of the mycusini®. With the display you can access over 800 templates. Choose your object and start.

Easy data transfer

If you create your own templates in the mycusini® Club, the SD card ensures fast data transfer from the computer to the mycusini®. This works easily and safely – ideal for anyone who doesn’t like complicated software installations and annoying updates.

This is how it works

Step 1: You simply insert the SD card into the USB port of your computer or laptop using the included mycusini® SD Card Reader USB.

Step 2: Save your files on the mycusini® SD Card.

Step 3: Insert the SD card back into the mycusini® SD card slot. Choose your object and start producing your 3D files.


Benefit even after buying

Suggestions from our customers and ideas from the mycusini® team ensure that the mycusini® Template Overview and the number of applications are constantly growing. As a mycusini® owner, you benefit from this – even after your purchase.

The mycusini® package – how it works

Scope of delivery

Number Products
1 mycusini® SD Card
1 mycusini® SD Card Reader USB

mycusini® SD Card Reader USB with SD card- details

Storage: 1 GB
Connectivity: USB

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