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mycusini® 3D Praline Filling Marc de Champagne 8 x: Create and fill the praline yourself

14,39 (6,42 € / 100 g)

incl. VAT in EU-countries, excl. shipping costs

  • 8x mycusini® 3D Praline Filling Marc de Champagne à 30 g
  • Always fresh, made for about 3-4 servings
  • Thanks to the practical design, clean work is guaranteed
  • Simply cut the tip and get started


Be sure to try!

The fine pearly acidity of the Champagne aroma invigorates and refreshes the tongue.


The practical packaging allows sensitive dosing while filling the delicate hollow chocolate molds – no more spilling.

Always fresh

Opened chocolate fillings can only be kept for a few days. The packaging size of 30 g each has proven itself accordingly – freshness guaranteed.

This is how it works

Simply warm the praline filling slightly in your hand and cut the tip with scissors. Here we go.

Expert tip: You can determine the size of the opening yourself. The more you cut, the larger the opening.


Would you like to give away your homemade praline? You can find the right packaging in the form of a gift box for mycusini® 3D pralinein our shop.

The mycusini® package – how it works


Scope of delivery

Number Product
8 mycusini® 3D Praline Filling Marc de Champagne à 30 g

mycusini® 3D Praline Filling – details



mycusini® 3D Praline Filling Marc de Champagne

Name mycusini® 3D Praline Filling Marc de Champagne
Contents 8 x 30 g (=240 g)
Ingredients Sugar, Cocoa butter, Milk powder, Cream, Cocoa mass, Whey powder, Candy syrup, Mark de Champagne paste, Emulsifiers: Soya lecithin, Vanillin.
Contains alcohol. May contain traces of eggs and nuts.
Processing instructions Temper and process truffle to +20 – 25°C.
Storage Please store in the fridge
Shelf life  about 4 months in cool, dark storage

Nutritional information

  Nutritional information per 100 g
Energy: 1702 kJ / 406 kcal 
Fat: 23,2 g
of which saturates: 23,2 g 
Carbohydrate: 43,8 g 
of which sugar: 41,5 g 
Protein: 4,0  g 
Salt: 0,04 g 

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