mycusini® Club

Create own 3D files with mycusini® Club

With the purchase of a mycusini® 3D Choco printer you get free access to the mycusini® Club.

There you can create your own objects online, such as individual lettering, freehand drawing or upload your own 3D files. And all this without programming. How cool is that?

Template library

Access to over 1.000 proven 3D objects, hollow shapes, letters, numbers and much more in the mycusini® template library.

There you will find categories like “Christmas”, “Easter”, “Valentine’s Day” and “Halloween”, as well as “Games”, “Love”, “Animals”, “Countries & Cities” or “Sports”. We are constantly expanding the template library for you.


Create personal text messages with 3D effect in different fonts and sizes.

The special feature of the mycusini® fonts is that the individual letters are connected to each other.

No more letter salad and no more annoying setting of individual letters. Take your connected text message in one piece from the production area and place it directly on the dessert plate or cake. 

Freehand drawing

Let your creativity run wild or fade in a photo in the background and trace the contours.

Draw the desired image with the mouse on your display. You determine the 3D effect via the number of layers.

Own 3D files

The desired object for snacking. Simply upload in “STL” format. The mycusini® Club converts the file for you automatically.

There are several ways to get a 3D file (in STL format). Many customers already have 3D files.

Furthermore, you can find large databases on the net with numerous free 3D files on various topics (same file type as for plastic printing). An example of this is

Of course, you can also draw your own STL files. Simple programs like and the 3D Builder from Microsoft make it possible. It is worth trying.

Free Updates

The software of the mycusini® is continuously extended by us. As owner of a mycusini® you have free access to the updates and benefit e.g. from new applications and improvements.

Tips, tricks & videos

In your personal area you will find numerous hints on how to reach your goal quickly and easily.

In addition, all functions are explained step by step in the mycusini® tutorials.