The mycusini® guarantee of success

With mycusini® you can realize choco dreams in a simple way. For example, our 3D Choco requires no tempering – simply insert it into the mycusini®, preheat briefly and off you go.


  • – Optimally matched to the mycusini® – with mycusini® success guarantee for best possible results.
  • – mycusini® 3D Choco is supplied in practical, ready-to-use refills. Simply insert and off you go.
  • – Pure taste pleasure. Try the Dark varieties in different flavours and set strong contrasts with the 3D Choco White.
  • – Perfect for cake and cupcake decorations, as well as for personal gifts or a creative hollow praline mold.

mycusini® 3D Choco - in action

Diversity - mycusini® 3D Choco varieties

mycusini® 3D Choco Dark

mycusini® 3D Choco Dark

The taste of mycusini® 3D Choco Dark is also a delight, refined with a hint of real vanilla.

Additionally available in the flavoUrs

Raspberry: A fruity lightness paired with dark chocolate pleasure. For dreamers. 

Orange: The fruity note of orange sets a refreshing accent on the tongue. A successful combination. 

Coconut: Sun, beach and coconut palms. Pure Caribbean feeling. 

mycusini® 3D Choco White

mycusini® 3D Choco White

Set a contrast

The mycusini® 3D Choco White is ideal for setting a strong contrast on a chocolate cake, for example. And already you have an eye catcher.

In addition to the cake and cake decoration, you can use the 3D Choco White wonderfully for personal gifts and desserts.

mycusini® 3D Choco - how it work's

Refills - practical & ready to use

The mycusini® 3D Choco Refills are encased in a thin synthetic casing. One refill provides two cartridge fillings. To do this, cut a refill in the middle and insert it including the casing into the mycusini® cartridge. This way your fingers will always stay clean.

The mycusini® now heats up automatically. As soon as the 3D Choco has melted, you can start using your mycusini®.

mycusini® 3D Choco - output


Due to the fine print resolution of the mycusini®, the 3D Choco White and 3D Choco Dark are extremely productive. With one cartridge filling, you can produce several 3D Choco figures, depending on the object height.